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OzzyD said on 16:23:57 05-Dec-2014

After quite some time, the libautoredirector v1 class has hit the Equinox 0.9 repository. This is the basis for the system's additional URI and URL redirection and manipulation system. I thought it was going to be a lot harder than it was.


Let's say you want to create a new page telling your audience about yourselves or your site and that you want to use the forum plugin to do it. Creating a forum topic will create a URI link something akin to "http://<your-site>/felitaur/2-some-heading/5-some-forum/19-about-us". Now this link looks practical as in it tells you where you are, but it's very long and arduous as links go.

Let's say we want the link "http://<your-site>/about-us" to be your about us page. We simply tell the autoredirector by means of the admin panel that we want to alias the longer link to the shorter link. When we visit "about-us", Equinox will take us off to the desired page. If we link to "http://<your-site>/felitaur/2-some-heading/5-some-forum/19-about-us", Equinox will automatically redirect us to the "about-us" reference page.

It's really that simple, and it's really that cool!


Several pieces of the underlying code have been changed to accommodate this update including

  • core:index
  • core:system
  • URIRetainer

This just allows us to reference our code from a different place. Additionally, the code to decrypt the URI was moved into the libautoredirector, which for the time being makes the class mandatory even if it's unused. We'll be looking into that

It was easier to incorporate this change than first imagined, as the system simply does not rely on any redirections implemented through this moved code at the point by which the class is loaded


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