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OzzyD said on 11:09:42 25-Jul-2014

You haven't missed out on much. Equinox v0.9 is very much in the early planning stages.

In fact, the only updates that have gone into the SVN branch for e0.9 have been updates that have been copied from other projects.

Namely at the moment, these include such things as:

  • An ever improving managment suite for administration commands and permissions
  • Improved and more robust stability within the main architecture (including cleaning up)
  • Felitaur has seen a new bar on the base of its topic displays for group reopening and closing of topics wherever its needed (i.e. in groups, on user profile pages and the forums of course)

There are future plans to go with these, such as

  • More comprehensive anchor link building (I'll talk about this one later)
  • Topic post editing functionalities
  • We're looking into new ways of running plugins and snap-ins with modules such that the system has less of a chance to break if a module it relies on goes AWOL or is replaced, however this is a little uncontrollable most of the time
  • Certain sites of ours have a TinyMCE clause for static linking. (as opposed to the default dynamic links) Due to the nature of TinyMCE, we're making this one mandatory (However this may go into 0.8.x because it annoys me so)

If there's anything you wish to see added, please talk to us on our Mantis page, or add something here on the forums and we'll make a Mantis thread for you




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Project Equinox The new word in social content management