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Zoomigoosh! Look! 0.8!

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OzzyD said on 10:43:38 25-Jul-2014

Well... I'm sure that got your attention.

Now that I have it, I thought I might share my latest triumph with you. I was a great aggrovation of mine that the Equinox site (this one) was still running version 0.6 when the latest stable version was 0.8; not only that but 0.9 is well into development.

I've looked into updating a while back, alas version 0.7 was nowhere near capable of the transition. Nevertheless, the predominant reason a transition from 0.6 to 0.7 was difficult was the lack of legacy code. Due to some rather nifty programming in 0.8 however, the majority of these legacy support problems seemed to dissapear... so I did it.

The software seems pretty stable at the moment. There may be a few places when it does fall flat on its face.

My biggest fears were the usual ones that cause concern when doing ANY change on the system; the user control panel (which I'll admit has some redirect issues floating around in it), the file uploader (which seems to have lost all my files completely - so I've reinstated them from a backup. Goodness knows how that happened!) and PayPal (which as it turns out was kaput anyway thank you very much PayPal!)

Anyway, I'm gonna keep looking around for errors and the like. Keep you posted here! :D



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