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Adapter update goes ahead despite fears of slowdown

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OzzyD said on 09:21:28 30-Jun-2012

For those of you who don't know, in a nutshell adapters are used in Equinox to help us run the same code on different pages, keeping resource costs down and code duplication to a minimum where executed correctly. Additionally, they stop the system reasonably from falling over if code they rely upon is taken out.

The problem we faced was that an adapter's placement on a page was wide, allowing an adapter to only be placed on every page within the plugin that calls for it. This would then rely on the adapter's called code to know about all the pages to which it needs to be displayed on and which it shouldn't.

The new and somewhat improved way was to add a new feature to the adapter in version 0.6.2 to tell the adapter to appear on any pages where it matches one or more of a collection of regular expressions set out by the referencer. Since this could cause arrays to be long and a lot of matches to be made, we thought that this additional check could cause pages to load slowly.

After an extensive recode and testing regime, we've benchmarked the old system against the new one. Much to our relief, the delays in loading are not noticable - they're still offset wildly by our server's low internet speed, and interestingly this still remains the case when moving up to a dedicated server: the time to serve a page is still far greater than time for Equinox to build it!


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