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OzzyD said on 17:24:33 14-Jun-2012

Our forum module, Felitaur Express, has been living up to its name recently.

Due to its rather express build, attempting to run certain features off it caused it to drop niggly little bombs. Nothing serious; no data was ever lost nor were any vulnerabilities raised. The key issues literally were if you had nested forums and started topics in them, those topics wouldn't appear on the main page's "Recent Updates", or if you use the new plugin, the "Activity Wall". This was because of issues in building the URL. If we took out what was stopping it, these new topics would appear but would fail to display when the links to them were clicked.

It was decided it was time to take action! Ergo, action was taken! In the new release of Felitaur Express, the tables will now include:

  • Slugs fields
  • Incorporation of said slugs into URLs and URIs
  • The ability to show new topics in nested forums in recent update panels.

This is all part of a three-stage plan to bring the forum module up to a releasable standard

Stages two and three follow. These include:

  • Stage 2:
    • Even more URI and URL work
    • New code behind moving topics and forums from place to place
  • Stage 3:
    • Revamp of the admin panels
    • Hooks into Equinox's Permissions system
    • Additional features to add to the users system, including Private Messaging


Information will appear here


Information will appear here


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Project Equinox The new word in social content management