Project Equinox
The new word in social content management

Welcome to Project Alpha

Welcome to the Equinox Foundation

Equinox is a new revolutionary foundation platform striving to rival WordPress as an all-purpose social content management system.

Equinox boasts such content management features as a social networking blogging engine, forums, groups, media uploaders and a lot more, all running off a single scalable package!

What is Equinox?

Equinox is a massively scalable web platform ready for rollout on any bespoke website


With Project Alpha's PLAM technoligy, you install only what you need

Please check back here periodically for more information

Come and join us!

Well, if you've seen what we have to offer and are interested in what we're doing, maybe you'd like to come and join us! Come and share your thoughts and feelings with us and sign up today!

Signing up is relatively painless. All you need to do is think of a username, create a password and your account is ready! Any additional information you may wish to supply can be given when you're good and ready!


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Project Equinox The new word in social content management